im only human


what the fuckballss

when im down on the gold coast the boy im crushing on is happy to see me when he comes home from work. he sends me sweet messsages wile im just chilling at his house alone and hes working jsut to make me feel special. and now that im back home 14 hours drive away its a fucking hassle to want to talk to me. i dont understand. is it so hard to send me a txt or give me a phone call every now and then. i wish i new what the fuck was going on. i want to fly back down there just so i can give him a cuddle. hes starting to mean so much to mee but apparuntly its not returned. :’(

so everything is going great!

im still on my holiday on the gold coast. and i have been staying with the boy ive been crushing on for the last 6 months. hes moving in with me and the end of the year couldnt come any quicker if you ask me. hes currently at work and i am at his house just laying on his bed chilling, there is nobody home and i dont have a car. so im stuck really sucks as its such a beautiful day.

so i havnt been on for awhile, i ran out of internet. but i am living in airliebeach living the life. i have a cute little 2 bedroom appartment and i live here alone. my job is awsome and i love were i work. atm i have had a friend up for the last 2 weeks for a holiday and i am flying back home with her to the gold coast tomorow avo.

pretty stoked for a holiday, plus my friend turns 18 in a few days so we will be going on a big bender over the weekend i cannot wait.

im considering getting my first tattoo while im down as we both are keen on getting something, but i dont no if i will follow throough as i dont no what to get.

ive had my kitten secretly living with me for the last few weeks which has been so wonderful as im pretty lonely here all by myselff.

i have my first 2 followers yay :) so thankyou for following mee :)


Naomi Smith